10 Clever Ways to Organize Baking Supplies

Baking the perfect batch of cupcakes is hard when your things are a cluttered mess. But it won’t take long to organize baking supplies with these quick and easy tips!

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Designate a Baking Cabinet

The first step to organizing your baking supplies is to gather them all together. Designate one kitchen cabinet (or pantry shelf) as your baking hub and keep everything in that spot. It may be tempting to spread things throughout the kitchen wherever they fit, but having a central baking station will simplify your baking—and cleanup.

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Streamline Your Sprinkles

Use a paper plate or a funnel to transfer all your sprinkles to matching clear jars, and store them together for easy access. Trust us, just seeing that rainbow display of sprinkles every time you bake will put you in a cheerful mood!

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Hang Up Measuring Cups

Ever get frustrated rooting around a messy drawer, looking for the right measuring cup? Instead, use a dowel or hooks on the inside of a cabinet door to hang up your measuring cups by their handles.

If you own measuring cups like this, you’ll want them on display.

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