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Reusable Cloth Sandwich Bagsvia amazon.com

Reusable Cloth Sandwich Bags

Many of us pack our lunch every day, using lots of single-use plastic sandwich bags in the process. An alternative? These reusable double-layered sandwich bags. Made from sustainable waterproof fabric and featuring lead-free zips designed to resist the build-up of crumbs that attract bacteria. These bags are great for storing wet foods like cut fruit and vegetables, if you’re looking to avoid plastic containers, but they also work well as sandwich bags, or for snack storage. Clean by wiping the interior or wash in cold water.

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Silicone Stretch Bowl Lidsvia amazon.com

Silicone Stretch Bowl Lids

Do you store your leftovers or prepped food in bowls? Then you need plenty of bowl covers to keep the food fresh and avoid refrigerator odors. This set of 12 silicone bowl covers, in six different sizes, are freezer-, microwave- and oven-safe, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. And at the end of their lives, they can be recycled.

Here are the foods you could be storing all wrong.

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Bamboo Nesting Bowlsvia amazon.com

Bamboo Nesting Bowls

Beautiful as well as functional, this lovely bamboo nesting bowl set looks great in any kitchen. In seven pastel shades, and in seven different sizes, these bowls nest perfectly for space-saving storage. The smallest is just right for storing a single egg, while the biggest is great for baking. Plus, these bowls are moisture resistant, can withstand heat and are dishwasher safe. Bamboo fiber is a good sustainable choice because bamboo regrows quickly.

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