10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

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It gets you active without realizing it

Indiana University researchers made a surprising discovery about the correlation between physical activity and cleanliness: The cleaner the participants’ homes were, the more exercise they got. Simply burning calories while cleaning is one explanation for the find, but this relationship could be connected to self-regulation, the ability to act in a way that drives you toward your goals. If individuals were motivated to take control of how clean their homes were, they may be able to use that drive in another area of their lives, like physical fitness.

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It can make you more productive at work

Spring cleaning your office is just as important as tidying up your house, especially if the papers and folders cluttering your desk hinder your ability to work. A whopping 77 percent of working Americans surveyed by OfficeMax agreed that clutter damages their productivity at work. Adding “Clean desk” as a calendar appointment can help hold you accountable, but why not start now?

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It drifts you off to sleep

Can’t sleep? Don’t reach right for the sleeping pills and try tidying up your bedroom. People who make their beds daily are 19 percent more likely to consistently sleep well, according to the National Sleep Foundation. A survey from the organization also found that 75 percent of respondents slept better on clean sheets because they were more comfortable. Who knew that doing laundry had such added perks? Just be sure to avoid these 10 common laundry mistakes.

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