25 Quirky Food Stops in London

London is a capital city right up there on culinary cool when it comes to experimental cuisine, flavours and food fun, and no more so then when it comes to food crazes.

But, if you’re new to the city, pounding the streets to find the newest weird and wonderful food selection on offer can cut into valuable Instagramming time. 

Fortunately, Wren kitchens have taken the legwork out of the investigative work by mapping the addresses where the quirky and innovative reside with the closest stops highlighted on the iconic tube map.

Twenty-five addresses complete the quirkiest stops for discovering Instagram food heaven, from the illusive unicorn poop to Ansel’s unmissable cronut at Victoria station and chasing rainbow bagels in Aldgate East, this is the one alternative food map you shouldn’t leave home without the next time you’re seeking the ultimate food snap.

Take a look at the map complete with addresses listed below.

Check out also, the tube map of avocado stops!

Click on the map to enlarge:




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