8 Beer Cocktail Recipes To Celebrate The Last of S…

With the final days of summer among us, it’s time for one last hoorah. An ice cold beer is a great way to enjoy these beautiful sun-filled days but beer cocktails are another nice option. They are a pleasant blend of beer with aromatics and fruit juices, which contribute flavor and color. Curious to get started? Below you’ll find 8 visual beer cocktail recipes that will help you get it just right. Cheers!


A Michelada is a legendary Mexican beer cocktail featuring a blend of hot sauce, lime and seasonings. It’s a must-try on a hot summer day!


Ginger Shandy

The refreshing taste of ginger beer is blended with lemonade and an IPA for the ultimate beer cocktail.


Pomegranate Beer Punch

Fresh pomegranate juice, lemon and lager offer the ultimate summer refreshment.


Green Apple 

A pale lager is blended with apple cider in this fruity beer cocktail recipe.



A sangria made with beer? It’s absolutely possible when you combine lambic beer with berries.



This two-ingredient beer cocktail recipe is easy to make and packs a punch.


Paloma Frío

The name means ”cold pigeon” in Spanish but this cold beer is laced with pleasant notes of grapefruit.



A birmosa is a mimosa made with beer instead of sparkling wine. This one contains extra sweetness thanks to the use of mango puree.


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