8 Foods to Eat When Pregnant… and 4 to Skip

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Bad to Eat When Pregnant: Rare or Raw Meat

With raw meat, there’s the risk of infection from several types of bacterial exposure, including, but not limited to, salmonella. Such an infection could harm your baby or even lead to miscarriage. That’s why it’s best to skip uncooked meat of any kind.

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Bad to Eat When Pregnant: High-Mercury Fish

Because mercury can impact a baby’s brain development, eating fish with high exposure is a major no-no. Avoid king mackerel, marlin, orange roughy, shark, swordfish, tilefish and ahi and bigeye tuna. Likewise, while canned tuna usually has less mercury content than other types, it’s still best to only eat in moderation. For extra peace of mind, buy a super low-mercury tuna like Safe Catch.

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Bad to Eat When Pregnant: Deli Meat

The problem with deli meat is the threat of listeria contamination. Should the smoked turkey or roast beef you eat be contaminated, the bacteria could harm you and your baby. For the best protection, skip deli meat. If you can’t stop the cravings, heat it until it steams and eat it right away.

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