9 Filthy Spots in Your Kitchen You Never Knew You …

You tidy up your kitchen a few times a day, but these tricky spots probably aren’t even on your radar. Until now! Read on to find (and clean) all sorts of forgotten filth traps.

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Range Hood Filters

Ever take a close look under your range hood? You might be horrified at what you find there. The aluminum mesh filters that vent smoke and grease from your cooktop are probably covered with, well, smoke and grease. Remove the filters and soak them in hot, soapy water, then give them a good scrub.

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Top of the Fridge

Places that are hard to reach, and hard to see, are the places dust loves to live. The top of your refrigerator is a perfect example. So while you may remember the clean the doors of your fridge, make a note to remember the top as well. Wipe it down at least once a week.

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Between the Counter and Range

It should be no surprise that the crack where your counter meets your oven gets coated with drips and crumbs. But it’s surprisingly easy to tidy it with this trick: drape the blade end of a butter knife with a damp microfiber cloth. Then insert the cloth-covered knife in the crevice and gently slide to clean.

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