A Fridge Locker and 9 Other Ways To Protect Your L…

Sharing isn’t always caring—especially when it comes to food at work. From the subtle (put your name on it!) to the extreme (yes, a fridge locker exists), these are the top ways to keep your lunch safe from the common office thief.

Fridge Lockervia amazon.com

Fridge Locker

Big enough to fit your average container but small enough to slide into the lunchroom refrigerator, this refrigerator lock box ($28) has a three-digit combination lock and sturdy bars to keep out any hungry hands.

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Moldy Bagsvia amazon.com

Moldy Bags

Protect your PB&J with a fake mold sandwich bag ($8). While the black splotches make your lunch look like it was made five months ago instead of five hours ago, don’t worry: the resealable bags are completely food-safe! P.S. If you’re bored of peanut butter and jelly, try one of these 48 sandwich recipes.

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Silly Stickersvia amazon.com

Silly Stickers

Let your lunchbox do the talking by sticking one of these hilarious labels ($5) on the outside. After all, if your coworkers are willing to eat something labeled “bacteria growth experiment,” more power to them. Speaking of icky things, avoid eating these 11 foods as leftovers—they can actually make you sick!

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