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12 Things Supermarkets Aren’t Cleaning As They Sho…

BILL OXFORD/iStock/Getty Images Plus Shelves Grocery shelves are usually pretty packed, so it’s hard to see anything beyond the very front of the shelves. Stores obviously always want their shelves to be fully stocked. Unfortunately, that can lead to the inner depths of those shelves being less than clean—even though they’re still holding food that […]

The Ultimate Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklis...

The Ultimate Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklis…

Daniel Jedzura/Shutterstock Breathe new life into your home after a long winter. Our complete spring cleaning checklist guides you through a deep-cleaning that will leave your house shining from the inside out. As the snow melts into spring showers, it’s time to refresh your home. This comprehensive spring cleaning checklist offers an opportunity to get […]

Aldi Is Releasing a Fresh New Line of Floral Cookw...

Aldi Is Releasing a Fresh New Line of Floral Cookw…

Aldi is well-known for low-cost grocery staples, but have you heard about Aldi Finds? Every Wednesday, Aldi releases special buys that are only available for a limited time—including grocery items, clothing, housewares and outdoor gear. In less than a week, Aldi will be releasing their new floral cookware line, and we are absolutely smitten! (Are […]

Foods Royal Babies Can Eat | Reader's Digest

Foods Royal Babies Can Eat | Reader’s Digest

Tim Rooke/Shutterstock Since they live like royalty, you should also expect them to eat like royalty, no matter how young. Royal babies eat like, well…royalty. From the second they enter the world, their diets are monitored to ensure that they are eating the best foods that will help them grow into strong, healthy kids. Curious […]

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10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Africa-Studio/Shutterstock It gets you active without realizing it Indiana University researchers made a surprising discovery about the correlation between physical activity and cleanliness: The cleaner the participants’ homes were, the more exercise they got. Simply burning calories while cleaning is one explanation for the find, but this relationship could be connected to self-regulation, the ability to act […]

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