Crab Crackers and 11 Other Tools to Make Eating Sh…

We love any gadget that will help get tasty crab meat in our bellies. (Looking at you, crab crackers.) These are the essential seafood tools any shellfish lover needs in their life.

Wooden Seafood Malletvia

Wooden Seafood Mallet

This is an absolute dream if you’re preparing to eat something with a hard shell, like crab or lobster. This wooden seafood mallet ($8) doesn’t require too much force to crack the surface, which is perfect, because we don’t like to get too messy when eating crab. (Actually, who are we kidding? That’s half the fun!)

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Crab Crackers

If you’re prepping crab or lobster, you’ll be nearly brought-to-tears grateful for this set of crab crackers ($20). The stainless steel set comes with two built-in crackers—a small set and a large set, meaning you’ll be well-equipped for crabs of any size. Plus, it comes with seafood picks, which allow you access to those hard-to-reach meat pockets.

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Clam Bake Bagsvia

Clam Bake Bags

Summer is the perfect time to throw a clam bake—whose face doesn’t light up when they hear they’ve been invited to one? These clam bake bags ($13) are easy to tie and toss in the pot. Just add your favorite shellfish, summer vegetables and meat, then get to bakin’!

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