How to Make Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Have you discovered Japanese souffle pancakes? The light and fluffy pancakes of superior stature with a souffle style interior first shot to fame in Japan and have been trending on Instagram ever since.

The fluffy breakfast treats stack higher than most normal pancakes with a towering advantage of around 3cm per pancake  – a height achieved via some unusual preparation tips.

How to Make Japanese souffle pancakes

Unlike traditional buttermilk pancakes these pillowy pancakes are made using a meringue type batter –

The egg whites are chilled and whipped up into a meringue mix before folding in the yolk and remaining ingredients.

Top tip: Chill the batter to allow the pancakes to obtain more height when cooking allowing for that final impressive stacking on the plate.

Remember, with all that air inside they’re also very delicate so need to be cooked very slowly at a low temperature. 

As for toppings – go as crazy as you like with the sugar, syrup, cream, chocolate sauce, salted caramel and any other favourites.

How to Make Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Discover how to make your own japanese souffle pancakes in the video recipe below:

Want to try the real deal? Head to cafe Gram in Tokyo. 







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