Michelin Chefs Make Salad

You’re not alone in having overdone the rich food over the holidays so we’ve found some Michelin-star chefs making salads to inspire you to eat fresh, delicious food in the new year. Get inspired. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring.

Gordon Ramsay’s ultimate Caesar salad

Gordon Ramsay is right – the Caesar salad is a classic, but as the chef says to make it modern you have to add a twist while not losing what made it classic in the first place. Ramsay starts with the dressing – egg yolk, Dijon and a splash of red wine vinegar. After whisking, he adds olive oil with anchovies and crushed garlic, grated parmesan, lemon juice and some water. Then Ramsay goes further with a charred chicken breast.

Michelin-star chef Richard Davies creates a fresh crab salad recipe

Chargrilled pineapple and coconut give a Caribbean lift to this crab salad by Michelin-star chef Richard Davies. A really different salad recipe bursting with flavour.

Mauro Colagreco makes a quick, easy salmon salad | Vogue Kitchen

Mauro Colagreco shows us how to do a simple and delicious summer salad recipe, perfect for any time of year. Confidence in handling these ingredients means the full flavour of the ingredients comes through. Delicious.

Simon Hulstone makes salad of smoked pigeon and skate with lovage gel

Two dishes here from Michelin-star chef Simon Hulston – one is a beetroot samosa, the other is a salad of smoked pigeon and skate with lovage gel. There’s lots going on here, but an unexpected and gratifying combination of ingredients come together and sing for this salad.

Making a Caesar salad with Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura shows us his evolution of the classic Caesar, which is called ‘From Modena to Dubai’. The chef fills the salad with aromatic flowers and herbs with an emphasis on the natural flavour of the ingredients without drowning them in dressing.

Marco Pierre White recipe for Waldorf salad

Chef Marco Pierre White goes old-school with a look at the classic Waldorf salad. It may have fallen out of favour in recent years, but White still believes in this salad’s old-world charm.

José Andrés: tomato & bread salad

Spanish chef José Andrés demonstrates how to make a tomato and bread salad of Extremadura. It’s a simple yet very characteristic salad that captures the flavours of western Spain.

Exceptional Asian salad by Michelin-star chef Michael Nizzero

This salad is full of flavour with sweet and sour Asian elements – something interesting and satisfying to chop up your salad menu in January.

Massimo Bottura – three bollito salad – Kitchen Quarantine

Join the Bottura family at home and see how Massimo makes this ‘three bollito salad’ utilising the traditional Italian cooking technique of boiled meat.

Griddled chicken with chickpeas, feta & watermelon salad | Gordon Ramsay

A full-flavoured and satisfying salad from Ramsay that will fill the gap and keep you sated while you’re trying to eat healthily in January and beyond.

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