Stock Up on Actually Good Meat With 20% Off at D’A…

Carved racks of lamb, cooked medium

In these days of self-isolation, we’re trying to limit how often we go to the grocery store (even though it’s usually one of our favorite pastimes). That means looking online to see where we can find what we need. Luckily, there are lots of excellent purveyors offering good-quality ingredients at a discount. And today through Sunday, that includes D’Artagnan.

In normal times, we look to D’Artagnan for specialty cuts and meats, like porcelet shoulder and duck.

The selection on sale today is labeled as the Easter collection. We know some of you may not be able to have a full Easter dinner this year with friends and family, but even a virtual meal needs its centerpiece. There are also plenty of special-occasion cuts suitable for any time of year—the selection includes high-quality cuts of pork, lamb, and rabbit, along with foie gras, whole chicken and duck, and more.

Shop now for 20% off through Sunday.

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