German buttercream on a Texas sheetcake

A Guide to Cake Frosting

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik] Long before plastic wrap, bakers kept cakes fresh by covering their exterior with frosting, a sweet, spreadable topping that would seal the pores of the cake to minimize moisture loss. In the olden days, this was most commonly a very thin layer of hard meringue, which made the cakes look pretty cool, […]

A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in New Orleans

A Chefs’ Guide to Eating Out in New Orleans

New Orleans is the land of beignets, gumbo, po’ boys, and étouffée. The city’s signature Creole food—influenced by the Native American, West African, Haitian, French, Spanish, German, and Italian immigrants who found their way to Louisiana before it was even part of the US—is one of America’s first fusion cuisines. The city has always been […]

many different varieties of rice spread artfully on a surface

A Guide to Rice Varieties

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik] When I visited my Japanese family during summers as a child, my aunt would insist, at every meal, that I eat every last grain of rice in my bowl. It was, in part, a kind of exercise to improve my proficiency with chopsticks, which she was rightly concerned about. But if I […]

A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in San Francisco

A Chefs’ Guide to Eating Out in San Francisco

As the birthplace of California’s farm-to-table food movement, San Francisco has long had an embarrassment of riches when it comes to good food. Yes, incredible produce continues to serve as the backbone of Californian cuisine, and, yes, iconic restaurants like Chez Panisse and Zuni Café are still around. But the restaurant scene isn’t static; it’s […]

A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in Boston

A Chefs’ Guide to Eating Out in Boston

Boston is a city often described as old-school, traditionalist—puritanical, even. But Beantown’s hospitality insiders want you to know there’s much more forward-thinking food and drink here than the city gets credit for. Whether you’re craving pristine fish in a gorgeous plate of sashimi (or in a South American–style ceviche), searching for the perfect burger, or […]

A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in Portland, Oregon

A Chefs’ Guide to Eating Out in Portland, Oregon

Compared with cities like New York and Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, is relatively small—which only makes its sheer density of destination-worthy restaurants more impressive. Where else can you find a spot for Russian comfort food, a fabulous Thai tasting menu behind a secret door in another restaurant, and pizza made with freshly milled local flour, […]

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