Watch Michelin chefs Cook this Delicate Game

If you’re a keen home cook you’ve probably nailed roast chicken and perhaps guinea fowl, but have you tried cooking quail?

While cooking these small plump game birds can seem like a daunting challenge to the beginner, the leaner meat is prone to overcooking, the rewards are well worth the culinary experiment.

Quail is a really elegant game bird, what’s more, its small size means one bird can be served per head, making dinner party portions all the simple to manage, plus they’re easy to pick up at the supermarket!

For those wary about the strong game flavour, fear not, quail are also a great introduction to game thanks to their mild and delicate flavour.

Be inspired in the many ways to cook quail in the hands of five Michelin starred chefs below: 

Cooking Quail

First up is the acclaimed Daniel Boulud cooking pan-fried quail with grapes and Armagnac and roast quails stuffed with forcemeat.


Next up,  British chef Marus Wareing cooks quail poached on the bone in quail stock before removing the breasts and pan frying and serving with a carrot puree and extra crunch fatty quail skin.


Phil Carmichael keeps it simple here with a rich dish of roast quail on toast served with a chicken liver and foie gras parfait.


Meanwhile, Daniel Clifford shows how to use the whole bird, plus smoked quails eggs in a Waldorf salad.


Last up, it’s Ramsay making pomegranate molasses marinated tasty spatchcock quail, selling in the delights of this light gourmet bird to his daughter.


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