YouGov poll reveals seven in 10 oppose putting din…

Seven in 10 people are against the idea of placing diners on 90-minute time limits to ensure tables are turned efficiently, according to data compiled by YouGov.

In a weighted survey of 1664 people on 30 August, 69% of respondents said it was a bad idea to put a 90-minute time limit on diners to ensure a steady flow of customers. Only 19% of respondents approved of the practice.

The group most likely to approve of the practice were 18 to 24-year-olds, with 27% supporting the practice compared to 62% who opposed it.

The proposal also gained support in the Midlands Wales area than any other area – 25% of people in the area agreed with the idea compared to 19% in Scotland and the North, and 16% in London.

Earlier this week Ryan Simpson, head chef and co-owner of of Orwells in Henley-on-Thames, told The Telegraph he thought the practice was was “terrible”.

He said: “I think people are getting it all wrong because it you’re going to a restaurant you are going out, spending a lot of money, you should be enjoying yourself.

“You don’t want to pack people in and turn them over for the next table to make money.

“It appears a bit fast-food led. It’s OK when you are at a burger joint running in and out but when you’ve got high-end restaurants doing it, you should be able to relax.”

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