Your Healthy Recipe Round-Up fpr the New Year

You’ve partied over the holidays. We all have. But now it’s time to put a little effort into eating a bit more healthily for the new year – and keep it up. Fear not, however, food should be good for you and when it is, it’s actually delicious, so get the right recipes for the new regime and eat your way to a healthier you without giving up on flavour.

Mediterranean chickpea salad


With influences from both Greece and Italy, this Mediterranean chickpea salad is a one-bowl summer sensation, but don’t wait for the summer to roll around before trying it as it is fresh and satisfying at any time of year, and so easy to throw together too.

Miso-glazed salmon recipe


An eastern-inspired salmon dish, super easy and delicious this is fully satisfying but low in calories and high in protein. Go big on the greens too to keep sated, so you don’t go looking to snack later.

Tom kha soup


Learn how to prepare tom kha gai, the delicious Thai hot soup: there’s just a tablespoon of coconut oil in this dish, otherwise it’s a very healthy choice.

Honey garlic glazed salmon


Here’s an easy way to prepare salmon with that honey-soy-garlic combo that makes the salmon so good.



Try this delicious recipe for succotash, a fresh, summer salad originally prepared by indigenous Americans, but widely eaten across the US today. This combination of flavours has survived through generations for a very good reason.

Cucumber and dill salad


Fresh, simple, and tasty this creamy cucumber and dill salad recipe is one you can make in just minutes and it is one you’ll come back to again and again.

French lentil salad recipe


Enjoy this French lentil salad that is both hearty and fresh. The French are passionate about their lentils and this treatment brings out the lentils’ flavour while adding fresh elements in perfect balance. 

The ultimate tadka dal recipe


Learn to cook tadka dal in the step-by-step recipe below with our expert on Indian cooking, Monica Haldar.

Chicken and mango salad with spinach and hazelnuts


Here’s a superb recipe for chicken and mango salad with a wonderful combination of tropical fruit and savoury, charred chicken.

Peruvian ceviche: the original recipe with tiger’s milk (leche de tigre)


Discover this step-by-step recipe for Peruvian ceviche – with its intense and fresh flavours, it’s always a healthy choice.

Tuna carpaccio: the recipe with avocado mayonnaise


Simply perfection, this carpaccio of tuna is a wonderful way to eat healthy food.

Fennel and orange salad: the original recipe


The unmistakable flavours of this Italian summer classic are all here in a recipe you will come back to again and again.

Panzanella: the original Tuscan recipe


This Tuscan salad is from the peasant tradition and therefore healthy as well as delicious.

Teriyaki salmon with pak choi and basmati rice


This delicious Japanese Teriyaki salmon and crunchy pak choi recipe with basmati rice makes for a simple and healthy main. Easy.

Miso soup

miso soup

With its heady Asian aromas and a medley of different textures, this enduring classic is as healthy as it gets, and delicious too.

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